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Silent Hill: Ascension Releases Trailer, Streaming Series Set To Launch Later in 2023

The story will follow multiple characters/locations with

There are a lot of Silent Hill projects in the works, including a remake coming from Bloober Team and many other game projects in the pipeline, but let’s not forget it’s not all about games as a series is coming. Sooner than you’d think, Konami, in partnership with Genvid, Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Games, and dj2 Entertainment, has released a trailer for the franchise’s upcoming streaming series, Silent Hill: Ascension, according to Gematsu.

The announcement reveals that the series will kick off sometime later this year; it is set to focus on multiple brand-new characters and locations as they are “tormented by new and terrifying monsters.” The extra hook to the series is the aspect of fan participation, with the series’ canonical story being determined by a global audience watching the show, including the fate of the very characters on screen. The audience’s actions will play on screen thanks to Genvid’s real-time interactive system, which will determine if a character is redeemed or suffer the consequences at the hand of these creatures.

Silent Hill fans and horror audiences everywhere have much to look forward to. We are pleased to tell a new interactive story, in never-before-explored locations, alongside new characters that will be introduced to fans of the Silent Hill universe. It is you who will decide the fate of multiple main characters, which will unfold simultaneously around the globe,” Konami and Silent Hill series producer Motoi Okamoto said in a press release.

Silent Hill: Ascension is set to launch sometime in 2023, with no platforms for the series to premiere on announced at this point yet.