Konami's Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 Launches October 8

Revealed today, Konami and Bloober Team brought a few notable items to the State of Play and Silent Hill Transmission. Silent Hill 2’s release date was confirmed for October 8, 2024, and Bloober Team revealed 13 minutes of gameplay.

Silent Hill 2 Launches Later This Year

While a sneak peek was on hand at the State of Play, the Silent Hill Transmission revealed the trailer below as players saw what the updated town and hospital look like. The trailer also introduced scenes with Angela and the Otherworld.

Bloober Team Creative Director Mateusz Lenart walks viewers through some gameplay changes made for the remake.

“The original Silent Hill 2 ignited our imaginations. When we set out to create the remake, our main goal was to recapture that same spark by fully fleshing out Team Silent’s original vision using cutting-edge technology,” says Lenart.

The team understands that Silent Hill 2 is known for its story, and the Bloober Team wanted to preserve it in their remake. Some things had to be changed, but the impact remained the same. According to Lenart, new locations will be introduced, and the developers did their best to refer to the original as much as possible during development so that it would be familiar to players.

James and Maria’s story is still the heart of the remake, and their arcs are preserved with care given to showcase the performances. The characters were recast to fit the motion capture necessary to tell this story better. Using the existing dialogue would limit many of the systems, so the decision was made to bring in new talent to play James and Maria, played by Luke Roberts and Salóme Gunnarsdóttir.
James walks down the middle of a road, towards the fog that obscures the rest of the street from view.

An over-the-shoulder camera was chosen to control James to maintain the sense of death from the original. The game hasn’t changed, though, and players can venture into the fog with limited visibility from the monsters that lurk outside.

Combat has been redesigned to allow a wider variety of approaches. The player now has more actions available, and the feeling of being an inexperienced average person remains. James isn’t a fighter, so don’t expect him to take on everything quickly.


Nurses, for example, have fleshed out movesets and attacks, so they are now more distinctive and unpredictable. Going against a Nurse will be challenging compared to a Mannequin.

Puzzles also have been altered from their original designs but still fit into the themes the original Silent Hill 2 provided. “We’ve taken great care to build upon the memory of the original Silent Hill 2 by sometimes twisting and confounding player’s expectations with regards to certain puzzle solutions, in a kind of a tribute to the inventiveness and playfulness of the original game,” reveals Lenart.”