Sifu’s Path To Revenge Begins February 22, 2022

As part of Opening Night Live, Sloclap’s Sif was on-hand yesterday and the new trailer not only gave us another look at the successor to Absolver but also when the game is coming out: February 22, 2022.

Sifu features a classic Kung Fu revenge tale where you play as a young Kung Fu student who has spent his life training to get revenge on those who brutally murdered his family. You’ll hunt the assassins down one by one while exploring gang-ridden suburbs, the dangerous corners of the city and even the hallways of corporations.

What I enjoy when watching Sifu‘s trailers is how the protagonist gradually ages from a young Kung Fu student to a master in the span of the game. Paired with some wonderful-looking combat that uses the intensity of Kung Fu by using real and raw combat and also by blending the intensity of classic beat’em ups with 3D action games

Anyone who pre-orders the Digital Deluxe Edition of Sifu gets early access to play the game on February 20.