Sifu Moves Launches Date to February 8

Today is one of those rare days when publishers reveal one of their games they are working on is moving ahead of schedule. Devolver Digital and developer Sloclap has revealed that the recently delayed Sifu is now launching two weeks ahead of its previous release date.

I think the decision to move the game away from the tail-end of one of the busiest moments in recent memory is the right thing to do in this case. Sifu no longer has to worry about Elden Ring to contend with which recently completed a successful closed network test on consoles, and has a bit of room to breathe and get some of the spotlights.

Everything we’ve been shown about Sifu has been stellar and makes the wait much harder given it looks to have a deep combat system that will get deeper as your character ages. He begins as a young man and as the game progresses grows to be an old man, a master martial artist in his own right. Why is player ageing, though? Well, Sloclap took over the PlayStation Blog to reveal the twist — an ancient pendant not only revives the hero to full health but the pendant uses life energy to restore you back to full health and every time you get back up you age.

“That means that you will start the game with a limited resource that you must manage carefully if you want to reach the end of your quest. Aging will not make you weaker, but it has a slight impact on your abilities: as you get older, you will trade maximum health for offensive power. Your character’s model will also showcase how old you are, and you will be able to contemplate the consequences of your actions. But getting older has no drawbacks on your abilities and you will be able to complete the game at any age.” says Sloclap.

Given he’s out for revenge, I’m excited to see how the tale unfolds. In the meantime, I’ve gone back to Absolver, the previous game from Sloclap that shouldn’t be missed.