Side Scrolling Ultros Announced

As part of the PlayStation Showcase, Hadoque was on hand to showcase their upcoming title Ultros, and it looks rad.

Ultros is described as a “exploration-adventure style game grounded in sci-fi, layered in mystery, with deep lore and meta themes.” From the look of the trailer, I can see where the developers want us to believe that because, well, watch the trailer and see for yourself.

Your character, Ouji, crashlands on a space sarcophagus, one that carries an ancient evil named Ultros. Caught in a black hole, anyone near the sarcophagus is essentially thrown into a breakdown of their psyche and Ouji is left to fend for herself and break free of the situation.

The developers say expect to engage in multiple runs with each one uncovering new secrets and new abilities to discover. Of course, you’ll need to engage your skill tree to find the right combination to move through the different loops.

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If youi’re curious about the distinct art style, look no further than the team working with El Huervo, an artist who worked on Hotline Miami. The distinct art is paired with an orchestrated “beautiful, emotional, symphonic soundscape,” drawing inspiration from analog instruments like the cello, viola, violin, and more. A lot of the nature sounds were taken from a visit to Peru, with a lot of the country’s history utilized in-game.

Ultros launches in 2024 as a console exclusive on PS5 and PS4.