Shrek Is Scarier Than Nemesis in This Resident Evil 3 Mod

Shrek hasn’t been seen in a while and I think we know why – our favourite ogre is busy chasing Raccoon City resident, Jill Valentine.

Or at least according to this mod, it’s still Nemesis chasing Jill, he’s just taken on the form of Shrek and out for blood. After seeing previous transformations like Thomas the Tank Engine hunting Claire and Chris, seeing a grumpy, green ogre is as dastardly as anything else. Thankfully, incorporating this mod into the game isn’t too difficult since it’s merely a skin.

According to the author of this mod on Nexus Mods, this skin replaces Stage 1 Nemesis with Shrek. It’s a pretty cool mod I think and offers a fun new way to play Resident Evil 3, which is one of the shortest games in series. Adding some nifty mods to enhance the experience sure seems like a fun way to add longevity, right?