Shred Through The Underworld in Helskate

Demo available now, hitting early access next month

Viewer discretion is advised. Why, you ask? Well, Helskate is a game that depicts non-realistic skateboarding and has skateboard mechanics focused on fun gameplay. Whoa!

But what this game is, according to developers Phantom Coast, Helskate is a skateboarding action roguelike. In Helskate, you can Grind, perform tricks, and chain combos to power up your attacks and slay the monsters of Vertheim.

The game combines some of the familiar ideas in the skating genre with wild and over-the-top options to trick your way through the underworld. Sky-high bars to grind and monsters to slay with your sword? Sounds pretty unique and fun to me!

The devs are also working on roguelite elements. So, unlike the popular Tony Hawk franchise, it’s not just running through levels to collect tapes and apparent specific gaps. There are more and different mechanics at play, including the monster slaying.

In Helskate, you can chain combos, do ollies, kickflips, and other nifty tricks to power up your attacks and gain unique abilities and buffs to slay the monsters. You can even battle against the Gods of Skating. The trailer says you can take on the God of Vert Ramps’ score challenge and grind your way up the Ancient God of Skating to strike at his weak points.

Helskate will be in Early Access on Steam on February 15th, with a demo available now. You will also see it during Steam’s Next Fest, which kicks (flips) off on February 5th.