Shin Megami Tensei V

Shin Megami Tensei V English Cast Revealed

Sega and Atlus teased the English voice cast this past week before officially revealing the entire cast today.

We don’t have much of a wait left before Shin Megami Tensei V drops on November 12, where you’ll take on the role of a high school student who deals with the fallout of a post-apocalyptic version of Tokyo.

The case itself has some newcomers, some familiar voices, and I’m excited to hear the dub as much as I’m excited to see what the newest Shin Megami Tensei brings. It’s been some time and I’m excited to finally play a new game in the series.

  • Protagonist (voiced by Casey Mongillo)
  • Tao Isonokami (voiced by Jeannie Tirado)
  • Yuzuru Atsuta (voiced by Mark Whitten)
  • Miyazu Atsuta (voiced by Ashlyn Madden)
  • Ichiro Dazai (voiced by Stuart Allan)
  • Japanese Prime Minister / Director of Bethel Japan Hayao Koshimizu (voiced by Sean Crisden)
  • Bethe’s Voice of the Seraphim Archangel Abdiel (voiced by Cissy Jones)
  • Shohei Yakumo (voiced by Ben Lepley)
  • Mother Goddess Nuwa (voiced by Laura Post)
  • Aogami (voiced by Daman Mills)
  • Sahori Itsukishima (voiced by Erica Lindbeck)
  • Lahmu (voiced by Kellen Goff)
  • Fionn mac Cumhaill (voiced by Chris Hackney)
  • Amanozako (voiced by Deva Marie)