Shawn Layden

Shawn Layden Joins Tencent

PlayStation alumnus Shawn Layden has joined Chinese conglomerate Tencent as a strategic advisor, a blog post on LinkedIn confirmed.

Layden states his new role will be to โ€œadvise, assist, and support the team at Tencent as they deepen their activities and commitments within the industry to which Iโ€™ve devoted the majority of my career.โ€

โ€œWe are at an epoch-defining moment in gaming and interactive entertainment,โ€ said Layden. “There are many possible roads ahead but only a few are profound, broadening, inclusive, edifying, inspiring, and/or sustainable. I am thrilled to continue this journey of discovery and thank Tencent for the opportunity.โ€

Tencent has been on an acquiring spree over recent years picking up Sackboy: A Big Adventure developer Sumo Group, Back 4 Blood’s Turtle Rock Studios, Riot Games, 40 percent of Epic Games, Klei Entertainment, Funcom, and Inflexion Games to name a few.

Shawn Layden left PlayStation in 2019 with his role being the chairman of PlayStation Worldwide Studios at the time.