Shaw Tree Spree Challenge

Shaw Is Getting Streamers to Help Plant Trees

Earth Day is happening this Friday. And Shaw is challenging a few Canadian streamers to help plant digital and real-life trees in the 2022 Tree Spree

MDee14TY_digital, and Kate will have special hour-long streams this Friday where they will be planting trees in some of their favourite games. 

But Shaw also wants you to help the streamers out by planting and sharing your own in-game trees. 

So on Friday, boot up your favourite game that features the ability to plant trees and start taking screenshots or photos of each tree you plant. Then, share them on Instagram or Twitter with #ShawTreeSpree.

In partnership with Tree Canada, Shaw will plant a tree for each virtual tree shared. 

Last year’s inaugural event planted 9,00 trees in Canada, but Shaw wants to double that and add a few extra with a goal this year of 20,000 trees planted.

So get planting on Friday!