Shame on Xbox for Not Revealing the Xbox Series S

Like many, I’m getting really fed up with both Sony and Microsoft being assholes and not offering price points for their consoles. However, I’m more upset at Microsoft for hiding the worst-kept secret: the Xbox Series S.

This tweet is just another nail in the coffin for Microsoft as they’ve fumbled with messaging for their next-generation offerings yet again. I don’t get why Microsoft is acting like we don’t know that the console doesn’t exist. The cat is out of the bag and their inability to own up to it is making me second guess everything they are doing. This goes for Sony as well because both companies are treating consumers like monkeys in an exhibit.

Do the executives not see how this game of chicken is affecting the market? By staying silent and not offering anything of value to the discussion is absurd. I get that these new consoles will come with all new bells and whistles and that’s great but I need a number; I need a monetary figure so I can gauge my day one interest. Both consoles have now lost a big game from their launch window. Now, it’s up to how much I’m willing to invest this holiday season and whether I want to go with the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft is proving they don’t care about the Series S – by putting all their pieces on the Series X, it will alienate their core audience because of not only the confusing naming schemes but also the lack of marketing and clear direction. All this technical talk is going to wreak havoc on casual gamers in the future.

It’s September 1, 2020, Microsoft. You need to give us a price and stop being an asshole. You too, Sony.