Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 Delayed to 2022

We’ve seen a lot of these delay messages recently but I think the delayed message from Flying Wild Hog announcing the delay of Shadow Warrior 3 takes the cake for being cheeky.

Normally, social media channels would send out an apologetic tweet, promising more news and a new date when the time is ready. Not Devolver Digital, who continues to be one of my favourite publishers in the industry.

Shadow Warrior 3‘s delay is a bit different in that the studio decided to release a full trailer announcing the game’s delay in 2022, and it works? I’m pretty sure I like this approach but can also understand the solemn tone many accounts take to announce bad news.

The trailer is brief, but it does this hilarious bit where the action pauses and it announced that the game needs to be delayed so we can experience the best version of Lo Wang’s adventure.

Either way, the developers are promising that the third entry will be less about upgrades and more action similar to the first Shadow Warrior. Its sequel, Shadow Warrior 2, had far too many systems that would leave you second-guessing what to upgrade and it wasn’t nearly as engaging because of it.