Shadow Of War Lets You Import Your Nemesis And Followers From Shadow Of Mordor

We knew Monolith had something up their sleeves when everyone asked them how the process would carry over from Shadow of Mordor to Shadow of War, they kept mum about it until yesterday.

Introducing the Nemesis Forge, an entirely new feature that will allow you to import all your nemesis from the original game, as well as your Orc Follower.

This seemingly will allow you to carry over your progress to Shadow of War, continuing story threads that started in the Shadow of Mordor, and from within the main menu, you can access the Nemesis Forge to find your enemies.

Pretty cool, Monolith!

Additionally, players will be able to purchase Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam for 80 percent off the regular price. The sale timing for each platform is listed below: