Shadow Of The Colossus Has A New Hidden Secret

Well, that only took three days to solve! The much-improved and beautiful remake of Shadow of the Colossus released this past Tuesday, February 6 and in three days, fans discovered a new collectible in-game that resembled glowing gold coins that were spread out around the Forbidden Lands.

There are 79 gold coins spread out all over the map, and you can find them by paying attention to your DualShock 4, as it will make a chiming sound the closer you get to the coins. Once you collect all of them, there will be a secret door that opens up at the bottom of the Shrine of Worship, the hub area found in Shadow of the Colossus, and finding it will lead you down a staircase where a new item is hidden for you to discover – the Sword of Dormin, which deals massive damage at but cuts your health regeneration down.

If this is something you’re interested in doing to complete the game and get your platinum, the guys over at PS4Trophies released the included video showing the process as well as the reveal of the new item. The Sword of Dormin looks neat, but I’m not sure how I like its attributes.