Several New Features Have Been Announced In Mixer Season 2

Mixer’s main focus has been about bringing the streaming community together where streamers and the viewers can interact with one another instantly and offering the best engaging experience. Today they have announced progression into their system with new features, resulting in the title of Season 2. Skills will have viewers sending stickers, GIFs, and effects such as fireworks or confetti to express themselves while viewing the stream. Not only do they help you stand out more, but they also help out the streamer financially as well. Another new feature titled Sparks will let viewers contribute Sparks that they earn from simply watching streams  to help out the streamer.

Coming soon are the Mixer Embers, a virtual currency that viewers can buy and use on high-valued skills, and Progression, a way that Mixer will evolve the community to showcase their contributions to the streamers channel, not simply by their financial contribution, but by how active they are in the chat, and arriving everyday to watch the stream, to name only a few.

We are very excited to see how Season 2 of Mixer continues to grow their community!