Seven Of This Year’s Hottest Free Online Games


When it comes to gaming, many people assume you need an expensive console. As we all know, the costs don’t just stop there when you buy an Xbox or PlayStation. You also need to cough up some money for the latest and greatest games. In fact, you could spend more than the cost of the console in just one year by buying games!

What if there was a way to play some cool games without needing to buy any new hardware? And what if you could play hundreds of different games for free? That sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, let me tell you that the dream is actually a reality!

You might not know it. But, there are scores of fun games you can play online for free. All you need is a computer (even an old one) and an Internet connection. That’s it! You might be wondering what kinds of games you can play for free using your computer. Here is a roundup of seven of the best ones for 2016:

  1. Tank Trouble

Are you a fan of strategy games? If so, you will love playing Tank Trouble! In a nutshell, your mission is to destroy your opponent before you get destroyed. To do that, you must navigate your tank around a maze using a few keys on your keyboard. When you come across your opponent, you can destroy them using the “Q” key on your keyboard.

  1. Run 3

In this game, you enter an area full of dangerous holes. Your goal is to avoid falling into any of them. Why? Because you’ll end up lost in space! It’s a fun game where you can run, jump, and defy gravity using your computer keyboard!

  1. Tron

You might remember that Tron was a Disney film made in the 1980s. It was about a programmer that got sucked into a virtual world through his computer. With the game, your aim is to outrun the other player in a similar way to the movie.

  1. ShellShock Live 2

Here is an example of unblocked games that you can play with your friends! It’s a multiplayer shoot ’em up-style action game that even allows you to customize a tank!

  1. Zombocalypse 2

These days zombie-fighting games are trending high on all platforms. The good news is you can play some cool online ones on your computer too. One such example is the excellent Zombocalypse 2.

  1. Bloons Tower Defense 5

A fun balloons versus monkeys game! The goal is to defend your tower from the monkeys by popping their balloons with darts. You get to use all kinds of cool dart guns. Plus, you can build a myriad of structures as a suitable defense against them!

  1. Ace Gangster

Do you like playing games like Grand Theft Auto? If so, you will love playing Ace Gangster! The objective of this game is to forge a reputation as a popular gangster. You’ll get to do things like hijacking cars, blowing up buildings and more.