Serious Sam 4 Arrives This August, On Consoles In 2021

Devolver Digital and Croteam revealed that Serious Sam 4 will arrive later this summer. It’s been some time since we last heard about the fourth main entry in the series but it’s good to see the studio ready to show the game a bit more.

Today, we get a look at the game which features hundred of enemies storming a peaceful field. Humanity is currently facing the Mental’s horde across the world and it’s up to you as Sam “Serious” Stone to tackle them head-on.

In Serious Sam 4, you’ll face off against Headless Kamikaze, Beheaded Rocketeer, Kleer, Scrapjack, Werebull, and Khnum and while those are familiar, you’ll also face off against the Processed, Belcher and the Brute Zealot.

There are also several devastating weapons including the double-barreled shotgun, the minigun, the chainsaw launcher, auto shotgun, and iconic cannon. You can play in four-player online co-op, too and tackle missions and sidequests together.

Speaking to Kotaku, a rep for Devolver Digital confirms that due to an exclusivity deal with Google Stadia, Serious Sam 4 is only coming to PC and Stadia this year. Being the first mainline entry in almost a decade and at the end of a console generation, this move may hurt the series on console. However, the series has always been a PC-first brand so it could also not really hurt sales at all. Either way, it’s a shitty move I find.