PlayStation 5 SSD

September System Software Update for PlayStation 5 Goes Live Tomorrow

Hideaki Nishino, the senior VP of Platform Experience,  about the next update coming to PlayStation 5 tomorrow. Having been in beta for a little over a month now, the next update is packed with features, and most importantly, the ability to add M.2 storage to the console.

“Tomorrow, we’re pleased to launch our second majorspoke PS5 system software update to all PS5 owners globally. The update includes a variety of enhancements to the PS5 console experience as well as 3D audio support for built-in TV speakers,” says Nishino “It also features M.2 SSD storage expansion, which enables PS5 players to store and play PS5 games, PS4 games, and media apps directly from the expanded high-speed storage.”

Some of the new features appearing tomorrow include the option to customize the Control Centre. You can now freely rearrange the Control Centre by choosing to hide or unhide elements at the bottom of the screen. The Enhanced Game Base allows you to read and write messages to friends and Parties directly from the Game Base.

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If you own both the PS4/PS5 version of a game, the console now shows you both, appearing separately in the ‘Installed’ tab of the Game Library, no more confusion!

PlayStation Now subscribers can select between 720p/1080p for their preferred streaming resolution, and a new test allows you to identify and troubleshoot issues.

Following an online match, players can award others with a fourth accolade type, “Leader,” which is visible on players’ profiles.

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If you’re trying to beat a challenge to beat a certain time or set a higher score, a video clip is now automatically recorded of the actions. You can then share it via the challenge card in the Control Centre or Media Gallery.

Sony has added a new Trophy Tracker that lets players quickly access up to five trophies per game through the Control Center.

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The PS5 September Update adds support for players to experience 3D audio through their built-in TV speakers.

Lastly, and my most anticipated addition is the inclusion of extended storage. Starting tomorrow, PS5 players around the globe can expand their storage capacity with an M.2 SSD.

PS Remote Play can now be played over any compatible device connected to a broadband network. You can now also use your mobile data to connect to your PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 and play your games on the go.

For more information, head over to the PlayStation Blog.