Sennheiser Releases Two Special Edition Ingress Momentum Headphones


It’s time to show your colours

Audio specialist Sennheiser is releasing two Ingress special editions of its acclaimed MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones – the ultimate way for players of the enormously popular real-world adventure game to show support for their team. The MOMENTUM On-Ear represents the fusion of sound quality, timeless design and craftsmanship in a compact headphone that’s ready to take anywhere. It’s an unbeatable companion to a game where the world itself is the arena. The special Ingress editions of the MOMENTUM On-Ear will be available beginning in November in Sennheiser webshops at www.sennheiser.com/momentum-ingress. Those Ingress fans that want to reserve their special Ingress edition right away can pre-order the headphones online.


The special editions, which will be available in Germany, UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and the United States, feature the Ingress name on the metal logo plate of the black headband, which is also accented with either Enlightenment green or Resistance blue stitching. The colour motif is repeated in the earcups, with the matte black ear cup detailed with a brightly contrasting green or blue ring around the side. The team logos are also subtly displayed on the round slide stopper of the earcups.

The Ingress edition comes bundled with one-out-of-five exclusive rare collectible passcode cards to upgrade your Ingress experience.


Ingress is a real-world adventure game from Google’s Niantic Labs. It’s being played in over 200 countries and has been downloaded by over seven million users. A fiercely competitive game of territorial control, Ingress uses smartphone-based augmented reality to transform real world landmarks into “portals”, assets to seize and control. Players must choose a faction – the Enlightened or the Resistance – and the new editions of the MOMENTUM On-Ear will be customised to each team’s colours.

The special Ingress editions of the MOMENTUM On-Ear will be available as of November in Sennheiser webshops at www.sennheiser.com/momentum-ingress at a price of € 149.00 / $ 149.95 / 129.99 GBP.


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