Sennheiser Game Zero PC Gaming Headset


Designed to be the most comfortable and best sounding closed headset on the market, the G4ME ZERO features a new earpad design that makes it the perfect choice for immersive gaming.

Drawing on Sennheiser’s experience in creating professional headsets for aviation, layers of padding and memory foam are shaped to effectively shield the user from external sound and prevent gaming sound from disturbing others. Letting you hear every detail of the game, its still Sennheiser’s most quiet gaming headset yet. G4ME ZERO is also perfect for the gamer on the move with a unique foldable design and supplied hard carry case.



From the Watch Dogs media event in Toronto, our resident Youtuber/Streamer WhoGotBeef (and his Sennheisers) got to meet actor Noam Jenkins. You might now him as the voice behind Aiden Pearce. The release of Watch Dogs recently set a new first day sales record for Ubisoft.


Look for WhoGotBeef to sport the new G4ME ZERO headset for his DAY Z live streams. Follow us on Twitter for stream times.

The Sennheiser Game Zero headset is out now.  MSRP $249.00


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