Sega Unveils New Team Sonic Racing Video

Sega is putting the spotlight on Team Sonic Racing, the upcoming kart racer packed with Sonic and friends.

The video details how teams can work together to gain the upper hand and then goes on to show each of the moves available to help best the opponent. The video also features the debut footage of Team Rose, a loveable new trio, and Ice Mountain, a frozen terrain that challenges players across all skill levels.

– Skimboost: Boost struggling teammates back into action as you drive by!
– Slingshot: Slipstream a teammate for a slingshot boost!
– Rival Takedown: Knock out highlighted opponents ahead and speed past them!
– Item Box Transfer: Send and receive Wisps with teammates anywhere on the track!
– Team Ultimate: Use Team Mechanics to fill your Team Ultimate meter and unleash a massive team boost!

Team Sonic Racing will release in sometime in winter on PlayStation4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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