Sega Sonic Superstars

Sega Holding Annual ‘Sonic Central’ On Sonic’s 32nd Birthday

New announcements during a "fan-centric" online event

It was 32 years ago that the speedy blue hedgehog zipped his way onto our gaming screens. Thirty-two years later, Sega is celebrating Sonic’s latest milestone with its third annual Sonic Central event on June 23rd.

At 11 AM ET tomorrow, you can tune in on Twitch and YouTube for what the company calls a “virtual fan-centric event.” It appears it won’t just be a slew of pats on the back for the blue mascot and his friends, but…

“Sega is set to unveil a variety of upcoming projects within the world of everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog.”

Hopefully, we’ll see some fun additions to the universe of Sonic and even more info on the franchise’s latest game Sonic Superstars. We’ve already seen a hint of what’s to come for Sonic Frontiers, as the game’s Director, Morio Kishimoto, responded to a fan on Twitter saying, “For the status of the second update, please take a look at the ‘Sonic Central’ announced earlier!!!!”

In related news, Sonic Prime‘s second season is set to begin airing in July, and Knuckles is getting his television show on Paramount+ with some big names attached.