Sega of America Workers Ratify Their Union Vote

Sega of America’s union workers at AEGIS-CWA have ratified their first contract with the company less than a year after the union’s legal recognition.

The contract affects around 150 employees, including temporary and full-time staff, within the offices located in Southern California. Workers will receive minimum yearly pay increases of 4 percent in 2024, 3 percent in 2025, and 2.5 percent in 2026, along with additional benefits.

“One of our most notable items is our grievance process,” Localization editor and union member Em Geiger told Polygon. “There’s extra security knowing we have in place a system for bringing issues to the table, such as arguing Just Cause in a potential layoff. If the company wants to do something that the unit doesn’t like, we can grieve it, bargain over it, have our say before anything is finalized. And concerning Just Cause, we’re now the second unit in this industry in North America to have protections against arbitrary discipline and discharge.”

Geiger mentioned how the bargaining process with Sega of America was difficult with long hours and extra labour needed to gather resources for the union.

“One of the most difficult things about all of this was the mass layoff of temporary employees,” Geiger said of the layoffs from this past January. “There is no understating the enormous hit we took to our support numbers, to morale, to our working relationships when SOA announced they were going to lay off temps. A contract cannot ensure you aren’t laid off. At the end of the day, it was a business decision. But the anger and the grief and the sorrow were natural responses for us. At the very least, we were able to negotiate severance packages for those who were at risk of losing their jobs.”

The AEGIS-CWA represents workers in sales, quality assurance, marketing, games as a service, and other departments and disciplines. This is the first time a union has covered so many different departments and disciplines.