Sega’s Parent Company Announces Its Increasing Employees’ Monthly Salary by 30 Percent at Publisher

Effective on July 1st

While the game industry has dealt with layoffs in multiple sectors over the years, Sega’s parent company, Sega Sammy is planning to increase employees’ monthly salary at the Yakuza publisher by about 30 percent effective on July 1st, according to a press release. The plan is all a part of Sega Sammy’s revisions to its compensation system which is looking to “invest in human resources in order to further stabilize employee income and create a more comfortable working environment, as well as to further strengthen its global competitiveness.”

The salary increase for Sega employees will be applied by increasing the ratio of base salary as well as bonuses. This isn’t just a benefit to existing but it’s also being applied to those entering the workforce at Sega as the company’s university students’ monthly salary is getting a 35 percent increase – from ¥222,000 (about $1,653 USD/$2,229 CAD) to ¥300,000 (about $2,235 USD/$3,012 CAD).

“We are working to reform our various personnel systems so that employees can maximize their respective potential in a comfortable working environment. We will continue to invest in human resource education, including not only the development of a compensation system that
treats employees according to their roles and contributions, but also the expansion of measures to support working styles for each and every employee to live their own lives, as well as the implementation of training at the “SEGA SAMMY College”, a college within a company and language training throughout the Group,” Sega Sammy said in a press release.

They add that company is looking to continue its efforts that will allow employees “to grow while realizing diverse work styles, and to provide further experiences that move the heart globally.”