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Sega Believes Retro Will Never Die

Sega is a company that’s seen every part of the industry in the almost 60-year history of the company. Consoles, game development, game publishing, and a ton of arcade hits throughout the years.

Now, with the focus being primarily on game development with properties like the Yakuza series, Sonic, and Persona to name a few, Sega believes that there is a place for retro titles and we should welcome them as a staple of our world.

Speaking to Gamesindustry, John Clark, the VP of publishing elaborated on the company’s stance on their retro library. With the upcoming release of the Sega Genesis Mini, a hot and anticipated mini-console releasing in September, Sega explained why they are going all-in on retro. “When do you ever stop reaching the audience? There’s always an audience there on one format or another,” he says. “We’ve got great content and we’re never going to saturate the audience for all of that retro content, so I think we’re going to continue to bring it out as broad and wide as possible.”

And quite honestly, this is a good way for companies to modernize and re-release their classic backlogs. By keeping the market invested in both new and retro titles, gamers get the best of both worlds this way, allowing us to relive childhood memories on our newest consoles, or through outlets like the Genesis Mini.

Source: Gameindustry