Sea of Thieves Hits 10 Million Players

Joe Neate, an Executive Producer at Rare, revealed today in a blog post that Sea of Thieves has passed 10 million players since launch. By crossing that threshold, Sea of Thieves is the most successful new IP from an Xbox studio this generation.

We’ve been enamoured with the game’s Tall Tales, which launched early last year as several individual chapters, as well as the addicting Arena, which requires teamwork in order to succeed. With Sea of Thieves also being added to Xbox Game Pass, a broader spectrum of gamers were able to play the game as well.

A new update is set to launch this month – Legends of the Seas and is free to all players on January 15. This update focuses on the community that built the game up to what it is today and offers players items for playing the game. If you want more information, I’ve added the corresponding video above with Joe talking about the newest update.

Free or not, Sea of Thieves has evolved into a wonderful game and the number of players shows that Rare steered the ship in the right direction after a weak launch. Congrats to everyone at the studio!