Sea Of Thieves Gets An Explosive Update

Sea of Thieves is on an upward adventure of its own. After playing the Anniversary Update (which is everything I wanted in the game) I was extremely content with the new Tall Tales Rare included in their swashbuckling pirate game. Since that update, the studio has continually provided content updates and today is no exception as the Black Powder Stashes is now live on Xbox One and PC.

In this update, the new quests ask you to search out these gunpowder barrels and claim them. Each one is an expensive piece of treasure and the quests can be purchased from Duke in the pub. Each run costs 5 doubloons and the kegs are found in forts within The Wilds, Shores of Plenty, and so on.

Reaper’s Black Powder Runs – Duke is challenging crews to face off against rivals in an explosive new Reaper’s Run, the ‘Reaper’s Black Powder Run’. These dangerous new voyages task crews with hopping from Fort to Fort finding Gunpowder Kegs buried Merchant Crates and even guaranteed Stronghold Kegs! With two routes to pick from, crews should keep watch for rival crews as they trek the East Fort Run or West Fort Run. Tackling these voyages with your Reaper’s Flag raised adds extra risk to your voyage but unlocks some unique rewards. These voyages can be repeated if you dare!

Black Powder Smuggler’s Runs – For crews looking for a less competitive challenge with the same explosive consequences Duke, is offering a set of ‘Black Powder Smuggler’s Run’ voyages. These new voyages take crews into each region of the seas to collect buried Merchant Crates, Gunpowder Kegs and even guaranteed Stronghold Kegs for the Trading Companies. Pirate Legends have an exclusive voyage tasking them to venture into the Devil’s Roar and brave the threats to reap even more Stronghold Kegs! These voyages can be repeated to your hearts content once completed.

Trading Companies Stockpiling – The Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance Trading Companies have begun stockpiling defences and will now reward players for handing over Gunpowder and Stronghold Kegs. Not wishing to be unprepared, the Mysterious Stranger has also begun rewarding Pirate Legends with Athena’s Fortune reputation for handing over Stronghold Kegs.

The update adds some exciting new ways to play Sea of Thieves however, the update doesn’t add anything more than a few new ways to feel some tension between you and other crews. If you’re feeling like you want more out of this update, you’ll likley have to wait until next month as Rare is now pushing monthly updates. Compared to last year, I’ll take anything – I really enjoy this game.