Sea of Thieves Adds New Cosmetic Items Ahead of Major Patch

We all are still dressing up our pirates like fabulous thieves, right? I mean that’s why we play mostly, right?

Today, Rare has included a slew of new cosmetic items available, there’s also the special ‘Eye of Reach,’ special weapon that is a limited edition item available for two weeks, and costs 1 gold.

Producer Joe Neate spoke about upcoming features Sea of Thieves would see including private crews, sharing resources, and better stealth and ship boarding.

Also, Rare has split Sea of Thieves development up into three teams with each one overseeing one of the upcoming pieces of content including The Hungering Deep, The Cursed Sails, and The Forsaken Shoes, this will help the developers roll out content in a timely manner with The Hungering Deep launching in May.

I’ve included patch notes below for Sea of Thieves: 1.0.6


  • Tutorial Invulnerability – Players are no longer invulnerable during parts of the Tutorial when first launching the game.
  • Skeletons Accuracy – When shooting cannons from islands at long distances, Skeleton accuracy has been reduced. We read your feedback that it was a little extreme… #SkellyOP!
  • Merchant Voyages – It is no longer possible to force Merchant voyages to request delivery to a specific outpost. Now you’ll have to earn your cheddar.
  • Sneaky Climbing – The bell on the small ship has been moved to the other side of the ladder, to avoid accidental ringing. We’re redecorating! With the Ammo Crate and Bell moved, what are we moving next?

Fixed Issues

  • [PC Only] Rebinding to the F key will no longer soft lock the radial.
  • Stow and Disengage can now be rebound to the same button on a controller
  • Incorrect company icons will no longer be displayed for a split second if trying to get reputation from two different Trading Companies.
  • Joining a dead player whose ship is parked at an active Skeleton Fort will no longer prevent the joining player’s radials from being opened.
  • Recent Players list will no longer be delayed in updating players from other crews.
  • Hunter of Cursed Crews and Hunter of Fort Skulls Commendations now track.
  • Voyage inventory message is now translated when there are no voyages in the inventory.
  • Loot items can no longer be dropped behind the Captain’s table on the small ship when trying to place them on the table.
  • Ships’ ropes now cast shadows on the deck.
  • Musical instruments can now be used immediately after interacting with parts of the ship.
  • [PC Only] Half Vsync option was removed. The Frame Lock option should now be used instead.
  • Resolved an issue which could cause players to fail to migrate and remain on low population servers.

Performance Improvements

  • Repetitive actions from players will no longer impact the network stability for other players.
  • Frame rate lock option is no longer disabled when vsync is enabled.
  • Significant reductions in time taken to return from the Ferry of the Damned.
  • Images in all Chests now load gracefully when browsing.
  • Multiple server crash fixes.
    Further improvements and optimisations for all platforms are ongoing.