Sea of Stars video game releases

Sea of Stars Launch Trailer Reveals Mysterious Assassin As New Party Member

We are just a week away from the launch of Sea of Stars on August 29th!

And developer Sabotage Studio is treating us to a brand-new launch trailer.

Showing off the wonderful music of noteworthy guest composer Yasunori Mitsuda, this new look into the world inhabited by the Children of the Solstice.

We see heroes Valere, a Lunar Monk, and Zale, a Solar Blade Dancer, in various parts of defeating the creations of an evil alchemist, The Fleshmancer.

Today is the announcement that players will also have control over Seraï, a deadly assassin who can carve portals with her razor-sharp daggers and surprise enemies when they least expect it.

She joins Garl, the lovable warrior cook with a heart as big as his smile, Valere and Zale.