Sea of Stars video game releases

Sea of Stars Has Been Delayed

Sabotage Studios, the team working on Sea of Stars and developers of The Messenger have announced their next project has moved out of this year.

On Twitter, the official Sea of Stars account tweeted that the game is in need of more time and because of that, it will not launch at the end of this year as originally planned.

While the news is disappointing given the game was months away from launch, the delay allows the team to deliver the game they want to show to the world. I’ve been on board from day one and have been eagerly following development over the last year and change.

Serving a prequel to The Messenger, we will see the world from that game in a different light — from before the massive flood covered the world in water, leaving a few islands left for people to inhabit.

Not everything is bad news though, Sabotage Studios wants to deliver “a playable slice out to everyone this year,” so hopefully we’ll get that demo as Fall rolls around.