Sea of Stars video game releases

Sea of Stars Surpasses Five Million Players, Adds 3 Player Couch Co-Op

Sabotage Studio, the team behind the turn-based Sea of Stars, reveals their latest title has crossed over five million players.

Sea of Stars is introducing a new mode called Single Player+ which allows three players to journey together. This mode stays true to the game’s core turn-based roots and introduces a new “Co-op timed hits” mechanic for traversal and combat. This mode is still in development and further details will be released soon.

Serving as a prequel to 2018’s The Messenger,  the story follows two Children of the Solstice as they work to stop The Fleshmancer from corrupting their world.

In my review from last year, I called Sea of Stars an instant classic with an engaging story with beautiful characters bolstered with an exciting battle system.