Sea of Stars video game releases

Sea of Stars Sells Over 250,000 Copies In One Week

After being out for just one week, Sabotage Studio’s retro-inspired RPG Sea of Stars has sold over 250,000 copies. This doesn’t account for Game Pass or PlayStation Plus Day One launches and is likely sales made on Switch and Steam.

Sea of Stars Sells Well

On launch day, August 29, Sabotage Studio announced that 100,000 copies were sold. In one week, the sales more than doubled.

Sea of Stars received positive reviews from critics worldwide, averaging an 88 Metascore on PC and a 90 on Switch. Much of the praise comes from the studio’s ability to successfully capture what made classic RPGs from the SNES era so engaging and memorable and pairing it with colourful graphics and an engaging story.

Speaking on Radio Canada last week, Sea of Stars game director Thierry Boulanger mentioned there is DLC for the recently launched RPG. A larger team at the studio is working on the team’s next big project. In contrast, a more minor team focuses on Throes of the Watchmaker, an expansion promised to backers on the game’s Kickstarter, which will be free for supporters who pledged enough at launch to own a copy of Sea of Stars.

In my review, I said that “Sabotage Studio’s Sea of Stars is an instant classic. It is an engrossing story with beautiful characters bolstered with an exciting battle system that respects its predecessors while establishing its legacy. I had difficulty putting my Steam Deck down from the start screen to the credits roll. To say that Sea of Stars won’t be talked about for years in the upper echelon of its elk feels like a disservice to the genre.”