SCHiM Hops Unto PC & Consoles On July 18th!

Are you ready for a new game to jump out of the shadows? Of course, you are because Summer 2024 hasn’t thrown enough games at us yet!

Dutch developers Ewoud & Nils are bringing to light that their award-winning comfortcore shadow platformer SCHiM will be available on Steam, Xbox One/Series X|S, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch on July 18th.

This cute etch-a-sketch platformer aims to help a tiny shadow called a Schim- the soul and spirit of an object or being- find its human again by jumping from darkness to darkness. In the cases where there isn’t the proper darkness, you’ll need to make it by finding clever ways to use environmental items you see along the way, like a trashcan.

Each new level the Schim jumps to tells its own story in living scenery with small details to uncover that are inspired by real Dutch/European cities and rural locations. True to its comfy comic-style vibes, SCHiM changes the colour pallet to capture the setting, time of day, and mood of every area you explore. These details form the basis of each level and present challenges such as inconsistent darkness caused by a thunder and lightning storm.

SCHiM recently enjoyed a successful Steam Next Fest, surpassing 200,000 Wishlists and with over 50,000 players trying out the demo.

SCHiM began as Ewoud’s exam project in early 2020, developed with Nils’ indie game studio Extra Nice in the Netherlands. It started as a unique shadow-based platforming concept that quickly garnered attention online, prompting a shift from a small-scale project to a full-fledged game. Inspired by Dutch/European locations & aesthetics, SCHiM is now a collaborative effort that blends creative vision with local inspiration.

Pre-order now on Steam and in the Nintendo eShop.