Sandstorm: Pirate Wars Now Available on iOS in Canada


Ubisoft announces that Sandstorm: Pirate Wars is now available for iOS gamers in Canada. The free-to-play mobile game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting and features stunning 3D graphic art. Players will find a devastated world in Sandstorm: Pirate Wars and will have to build the ultimate Sandcruisers to defeat other players in vicious battles and become the most feared pirate of the savage land!

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars features:

  • Brutal multiplayer battles in real time – Challenge other players anytime and wherever you want, and participate in intense battles in which you will be able to choose your attack and defense strategies, aiming for the top in the world rankings.
  • Customize your Sandcruisers – You will be able to choose between different ships, each of them equipped with lethal weapons: guns, machine guns, lasers, drones and shields. You’ll have to choose from over 100 weapon variations to create your ultimate Sandcruiser, combining elements of attack and defense, depending on your style and combat strategies.
  • Explore wild territories – Complete missions to earn rewards and interact with hundreds of exotic characters that will force you to make decisions directly affecting the outcome of your missions.



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