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Sand Land Officially Reveals Its English Voice Cast

The upcoming Bandai Namco action RPG based on one of Akira Toriyama’s mangas, Sand Land, has revealed its official English cast, courtesy of the game’s publisher via Gematsu,

The announcement was revealed in a new trailer with previous shots from other trailers, only this time around with an earful at Sand Land‘s official English localization, so we got a better idea of not just what they are saying without subtitles but the type of characters the adaptation is going for. Interestingly, we get a scene with the father of the game’s protagonist, Lucifer, a cameo from Toriyam’s more successful franchise, Dragon Ball, who looks all too like Dabura from the Buu Saga.

Check down below who exactly is portraying Sand Land‘s main cast:

  • Beelzebub (played by Risa Mei) – the demon prince protagonist, is being played by Risa Mei who is voice actress mostly known for her roles in Genshin Impact, My Dress Up Darlings, Netflix’s live-action Full Metal Alchemist films, Honkai: Star Rail, and Eternights.
  • Rao (played by John Lipow) – Sand Land‘s tough-looking Sherriff seeking the legendary spring is being played by John Lipow, who has many roles throughout his 25+-year career with some notables including roles in Viewtiful Joe, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, League of Legends, Overwatch, Netflix series Castlevania, Fortnite, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, God of War (2018), multiple Star Wars projects, and more.
  • Thief (played by Owen Thomas) – Beelzebub’s loyal advisor is being played by Owen Thomas, who might be more recognized for his roles in Telltale’s episodic Back to the Future, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead series plus League of Legends, Assassin’s Creed, BioShock 2, Phantasy Star Online 2, The Last of Us Part II and WarioWare: Get It Together!
  • Lucifer (played by Keith Silverstein) – Beelzebub’s father, played by Keith Silverstein, might be more known for his anime work, mainly as Robert E.O. Speedwagon in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter (2011), and Ōgai Mori in Bungo Stray Dogs but has played some other roles in the realm of video game including as Vector the Crocodile in the Sonic the Hedgehog video games, Torbjörn Lindholm in Overwatch, and Zhongli in Genshin Impact.
  • General Are (voiced by Andrew Lander) – More of the game’s antagonist as the general of the game’s ROyal Army will be played by Andrew Lander, who is more well known in the live-action realm, including in Iron Man 3, NCIS, and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.
  • Supreme Commander Zeu (voiced by Shawn Smith) – Finally, the game’s big bad is being played by Shawn Smith.

Sand Land is based on a 14-chapter manga of the same name that sees players in the shoes of demon prince Beezlbub alongside a rag-tag crew of demons and humans in a post-apocalyptic world. The English version of the Akira Toriyama adaptation was confirmed recently at Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest in June, revealed in the lead-up to the franchise’ Sunrise produced Anime film, released in August.

Players will fight enemies in hand-to-hand combat or various combat-capable vehicles throughout the game. The upcoming Action RPG is being published by Bandai Namco and developed by ILCA, more known for its work on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, plus its most recent release, One Piece Odyssey.

Sand Land is set to launch on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series with no release date/windows announced.