Sand Land

Sand Land Gets A Nearly Ten-Minute Gameplay Overview

Look, when a project involves legendary Dragon Quest artist and Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, you will expect to get a good look at what he’s working on!

Bandai Namco Entertainment America knows what the people want! This is why they recently launched a nearly ten-minute look at Sand Land.

Toriyama brought us this manga over 24 years ago, so a game tie-in has been more challenging than finding water in Sand Land, but let’s take what we can get.

What’s on display is an action-adventure RPG that bucks the Bandi trend with more real-time combat elements and a seemingly vast vehicle combat and traversal system that harnesses some of Toriyama’s best fantasy vehicle designs. I mean, vehicles can be summoned from capsules! How much more Toriyama could it get?

Vehicles will allow you to take on bigger, badder foes. But they will also take you down with them if they become destroyed. 

You can fix, upgrade, and customize them with the help of Android 18… I mean Ann.  

Finally, Spino City serves as your base of operations. It may be run down, but it’s got shops, a garage and a supper cool customizable room for you to make your own.

Sand Land is out on April 26th on consoles and PCs.