Samurai Maiden

Samurai Maiden Creates Schoolgirl Mayhem Winter 2023

In what is a somewhat on-the-nose trailer, the protagonist of SHADE and D3PUBLISHER‘s Samurai Maiden retorts that she’d watch an anime about a 21st-century girl forced to fight in the legendary 16th-century Honnō-Ji Incident.

It’s funny because one line seemingly describes the plot to yet another anime-adjacent hack ‘n slash adventure — all without breaking the fourth wall!

In Samurai Maiden, Tsumugi Tamaori finds herself in 1582 inside the burning Honnō-ji temple. The real-life incident is the subject of Japan’s greatest military coup and is an inspiration for countless anime, manga and games. Here it’s personalized with the addition of The Gokage — a group of onna-musha [female samurai] warriors who will become friends and maybe even lovers to our heroine. While the historic incident involved humans setting fire to part of Kyoto and searching for Oda Nobunaga and his son, it would appear that Samurai Maiden also adopts a number of mystical monsters for some slashing and clothes-ripping action. Come on! This is a Namco-like game; you know what you are getting!

Samurai Maiden falls into history — and onto PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC — this winter.