Samba De Amigo Party Central

Samba De Amigo Party Central Leaks

Ahead of today’s Nintendo Direct, one of the show’s titles has seemingly leaked online.

Per SnoopyTech, Samba De Amigo Party Central will be on hand at today’s event. Alongside confirmation of being real, the user posted box art, screenshots, and even a description for the new title from Sega.

“Samba de Amigo: Party Central marks the return of the rhythm action series with a playlist that will get you and your friends moving thanks to 40 hits from the world’s most popular genres including EDM, pop, Latin, and more,” the product description states.

“Plus, with a wide variety of mini-games and challenges to enjoy; a ton of unique costumes and accessories to unlock and wear; and new online features – including an 8-player World Party mode, there’s plenty of fuel to ignite the party!”

There’s not much else information right now, but we did learn Team Sonic has been working on the project. The last time the series was available was back in 2000 when the title was in arcades and also on Sega’s Dreamcast console.