Saints Row

The Latest Saints Row Trailer Is All About Santo Ileso

I’m not convinced the Saints Row series needed a reboot just yet, but I am warming up to the idea the more I see of next year’s first game in nearly a decade.

What does the new trailer focus on? Well, it’s all about Santo Ileso, which is being described as the biggest city in any Saints Row game to date.

Does that hold true? Well, clearly it’s far too early to say but Volition and Deep Silver seem to believe it. We get a look at the various districts, points of interest, and the people of the city.

Volition mentions three key territories: Rancho Provedencia – the Los Panteros territory and where the old Scorpion factory is a haven for car enthusiasts, and home of the Panther Juice Hot Sauce factory.

The second territory is Lakeshore, controlled by Marshall and it’s an urban jungle packed with skyscrapers and tons of businesses.

Lastly, the third territory is Monte Vista, where the rich and powerful reside and where the anarchist group the Idols host their parties.

Saints Row for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 25, 2022.