Sail Forth

Sail Forth Expansion Takes You Into the Heart of the Storm With Maelstrom

The new content is out now on most platforms

Unlocking a mysterious past is a common theme among pirate or high seas-inspired games. Sail Forth does this in a charming but also sometimes dark way. It is similar to one of my personal favourite games of 2023, Dredge.

Now, the team at Festive Vector has launched a new expansion for the game, getting to the deeper and darker depths of the game.

Look at the ominous new content in the trailer below as the team says Maelstrom has “colossal vortexes emerge to reshape the seas so many players have come to love.”

So what exactly is being added, and what might you expect in this new content? It’s all about heading into the eye of the storm: “A tempest has swept across the Deepblue, bringing forth colossal vortexes that promise unparalleled challenges and untold treasures.”

Once you are in the Maelstrom, be aware of a group called the Arcane Order. They look over these depths and reward exploration and the discovery of Maelstrom Pearls.

There’s a quick glimpse of a new underwater beast in the trailer. This is called the Wormkin! This massive creature looks lurking and just waiting to strike unexpected vessels, so beware!

And of course, last but not least, new customization options are being added to the Sail Forth: Maelstrom expansion: “Express yourself with the brand new ship cosmetic system, adding dozens of decorative items that can be fitted to the vessels in your fleet.”

Sail Forth: Maelstrom is now available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The Nintendo Switch version will go live in just a few days on January 16th.