Sable Rides Its Way to PS5 on November 29

PlayStation has announced that the indie open-world adventure game, Sable is set to hit PS5 consoles on November 29th which comes with Angler Mask when you start the game up, according to a PlayStation Blog post.

With more than a year removed since its Xbox Game Pass launch, the PS5 version comes with a new fishing mini-game that allows PS5 players to fish up some catches on the desert ocean and start a Vivarium collection. The PS5 version will also feature a more immersive dune riding experience thanks to DualSense support.

“In a gorgeous world of endless desert sands, towering sandstone pillars, and fantastical human architecture, a young woman sets out on the customary coming-of-age ritual quest of her tribe. Her mission is to find, acquire, and choose a mask that will determine her future path in life. You will find many strange places and people as you roam the lands on your glider,” the PlayStation Blog post describes Sable.

“Discovering yourself involves interacting with others: listen to their stories, help them with their requests, and earn badges and masks as rewards. Sable’s vast, mysterious open world and at-your-own-pace gameplay make for a relaxing and thought-provoking adventure. And the fantastic soundtrack by the band Japanese Breakfast creates an atmosphere unlike anything else. At the end of the day, what mask will you wear?”

Sable is currently available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series platforms, if you’ve been waiting for Sable on PlayStation check out our review to get a better idea of the game.