Rustbucket Rumble Open Beta Begins March 16


Rustbucket Rumble has been greenlit on Steam and there is an Open Beta starting Monday, March 16!

Some info from the website:

After years of making a mess of things, mankind has finally given up and left Earth to find a new planet to trash.

Left behind were the machines that once dutifully served their human masters. Among these were the robots of arch-rival companies Robotic Engineering Depot (RED) and Blucom Discarded Plastics and Metals. With nothing else to do, these now-leaderless robots escalated their competition into fierce combat.

Both sides are now desperately collecting materials to create a giant robot powerful enough to destroy the other. The RUSTBUCKET RUMBLE has begun!


Rustbucket Rumble is a 2D side-scrolling team-based combat game. Combat takes place across environments including junkyards, factories and mines.

Robots split into teams and choose from six different robot types of varying personality, ability, and weaponry. Players must work with their teammates to attack enemy robots until they are stunned, then transport them back to their base as scraps for recycling.

Once a team has collected enough scraps, they can create the mighty giant robot, El Rey Gigante Robo Jr. and unleash him to destroy the enemy base and win!

Sounds like fun and if this is something that interests you then head on over here to sign up for the open beta.



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