Classic Inspired RPG SacriFire Begins Kickstarter Funding

This year’s PC Gaming Show has a lot of great titles on hand but this one from Polish developer Pixelated Milk caught my eye. Its classically influenced 16-bit art direction elicits a wave of nostalgia and seeing the game in action leaves me wishing it something I could play right now.

It reminds me of classic Tales of titles and having series composer Motoi Sakuraba on hand certainly makes it feel more authentic.

The developers have created a Kickstarter for SacriFire and are asking for $82,000 Euros (roughly $121,000 CAD) to finance the project.

“The team here at Pixelated Milk is incredibly excited to be announcing the Kickstarter launch for SacriFire, our upcoming JRPG-inspired title,” said Bartosz Łojewski, Project Lead at Pixelated Milk. “Beautiful retro pixel art, a blend of real-time and turn-based combat, and music by Motoi Sakuraba are all going to come together in a game that is a love letter to games we loved. Players will encounter memorable characters, an underground city, a world of spirits, a war between gods and demons, and one soldier’s ultimate test of faith, you know… everything a good JPRG needs!. We’re seeking 82,000 euros on Kickstarter to help fund this ambitious project, but the sky is the limit!”

SacriFire introduces protagonist Ezekiel Ridan, a soldier trying to join an elite section of holy warriors who are tasked with defending the subterranean city of Antioch safe from demons. A relic is stolen from the city and you’ll need to venture out into the world to retrieve it.

As Ezekiel, you’ll face “demons, cultists, and ancient automatons using shapeshifting weaponry and special attacks.” The developers say the game uses a blended real-time and turn-based battle system, which feels fluid, challenging, and satisfying.