Earthlock 2

RPG Earthlock 2 Has A Reworked Vision Three Years After Being Revealed

Transform the land and customize vehicles

Game development is a long, strenuous process that can take years. Earthlock 2 is a recent example of a game shown off three years ago as an open-world RPG and a sequel to a 2016 title.

While we still don’t know a ton about this upcoming game, developer Snowcastle Games says the reworked vision is opening up more significant opportunities for players to take control over the land and “transform barren deserts into bursting oases full of life.”

Game Director Bendik Stang writes: “Though work on Earthlock 2 first started in 2019, development didn’t go in the direction we wanted, and we had to take a break to refresh our core vision.”

You can see from the cinematic below that after defeating a massive creature, the ground around it begins to grow again and create a greener land. This is where the devs say Earthlock 2 will give players a chance to explore, create, and potentially destroy biomes around the world.

In an update late last year, the biomes were detailed almost as living things. The game occurs in the Desert of Kor, a dry a lonely place with hidden treasures. But vibrant ecosystems are waiting to be ignited.

The world thrives independently, with others hunting for resources or disrupting the ecosystem. It’s a delicate balancing act; you’ll have to discover how to properly tend to each Biome.


Then, there are the emerging details of customizing your Desert Ship in Earthlock 2.

“You will explore this world with your trusty Desert Ship. The ship starts out as a humble mode of transportation, but with time and effort, it will become your mobile base of operations and instill fear into your enemies in the desert. Rise to become the most formidable Explorer of Umbra!”


Your ship or Caravan will be used as a “mobile hub.” To reinforce the travelling structure and survive the harsh environments, you must discover and outfit it with utilities.

The concept above shows off some of the options available down the line. Skis, anchors, spikes, and flags are all there.

Earthlock 2 still has no release date, but it is available to wishlist on Steam at any time.