Cross Blitz

RPG Deckbuilding Adventure ‘Cross Blitz’ Hits PC Later This Year

RPG, deckbuilding, and rouguelite elements all in one adventure

Deckbuilding and roguelite elements are found in countless games at this point. But what Cross Blitz is bringing to the table is some fantastical charm and strategy. Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Tako Boy Studios have announced the ambitious title will be hitting Steam in Early Access this year.

You can take a peak at the newly released trailer below, showing more than a few bombastic moments of card battling, branching paths, and upgrade trees.

Indie developer Tako Boy Studios says it is creating a deep world of deckbuilding and strategy, allowing players to take a number of different approaches depending on their play style.

It’s a slick-looking game that if the trailer is any indication, will be an interesting addition to the crowded genre. The music also sounds like it’ll be a rocking good time as well!

The game seems to be packing quite the punch as well, with a fairly lengthy main story:

Cross Blitz‘s campaign spans more than 30 hours of adventures and encounters with outlandish and engaging characters in a beautiful, colorful pixel art world.

Finally, the roguelike elements are introduced in a separate mode called Tusk Tales. This gives Cross Blitz gamers that are not into that style of game, a chance to focus on the main campaign instead.

Throughout each hero’s adventure, players unlock new abilities and access to distant regions through cleverly fought battles, crafting and earning a trove of strategy altering cards and perfecting decks customized to their preferred fighting styles.