Rosie’s Reality Available in Apple Arcade

Last week, Apple Arcade hit 100 games available to those who subscribed to the service. We’ve been playing non-stop since the service launched in September, and have been working on a definitive guide on the best games to check out when you sign up. With a subscription to Apple Arcade for $5.99 (CAD) per month, users get unlimited access to the entire catalogue of over 100 new, exclusive games, all playable across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV. Also, Apple Arcade includes a one-month free trial.

This week includes a new release called Rosie’s Reality, a new puzzle game that requires great communication and quick thinking to play. Players guide Rosie, a shy yet spirited rescue robot, on an extraordinary mission to recover a series of misbehaving, malfunctioning and exploding robot assistants. Rosie’s Reality is a game with the power to build relationships and might even foster joy in the family home.

Using short and simple training puzzles, players guide Rosie by building paths of blocks. Players select between three command block types; neutral, jump and arrow. Each block type delivers different instructions to guide Rosie. Players build and delete blocks by interacting with an onscreen block interface and a puzzle game board.

Rosie’s Reality includes two modes; a singleplayer mode and a multiplayer mode. Each offers three worlds, sequential unlocking of puzzles and worlds, and multiple puzzles missions to rescue robot assistants.