Romancelvania Might Be Your Next Addiction

We’ll all hankering for some more Castlevania on Netflix, right? It’s a faithful but graphic adaption of the Konami games and it can sometimes be pretty horny. So, in the interim, there might be something worth checking out if you can’t wait for the next series to begin.

Romancelvania was featured as part of Steam Fall Next Fest and alongside its reveal is a new trailer and playable demo. Developed by The Deep End Games, Romancelvania had a successful Kickstarter campaign with additional assistance from Epic Games’ Mega Grant Fund and today marks the first time a playable demo is available.

Set in Transylvania, you play Drac, who finds himself joining a supernatural dating show. With 12 contestants ready for your heart, you’ll partake in drama and make marrative choices to make this your own story. As Drac leanrs to strength his relationships with each contestant, the streonger the OG vampire becomes.

If you thought this wasn’t an adult game then you didn’t see the press release that mentions voluptuous Smashmounds and the back alleys of Booty Bay will be explorable in an interconneted world filled with monsters to fight, hidden date sports, and lots of bosses to overcome.

Romancelvania sounds like a perfect follow-up to Boyfriend Dungeon and is currently in development with the goal of launching in 2023. It is is currently available to wishlist via Steam