Rogue Legacy 2 Early Access Delayed to August

Cellar Door Games is no longer releasing Rogue Legacy 2 on July 23, the studio confirmed today. Instead, it’s scheduled to launch next month.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but we are delaying the Early Access launch of Rogue Legacy 2 from July 23 to August 18.

Game development is a lot like football. It’s weird, unpredictable, and we don’t know the rules. And just like football, when you get the ball, sometimes you’ve just gotta run with it.

While stabilizing the game for launch, we’ve run into some minor setbacks, but more importantly, some features got so close to completion that we just absolutely had to see them through. This means more content, more stability, and more bang for your buck come launch day.

In our opinion, the game is already good. But these few extra weeks will help us turn this football into a homerun!

Thanks, sports fans,
The Cellar Door Games Team

With a global pandemic still ravaging the world, I think any delay is to be expected. A lot of developers are hitting roadblocks and that’s something we’ll have to face as studios continue to work from home. It’s only a few extra weeks, so the bright side is the delay won’t affect a lot of people.

Rogue Legacy 2 arrives in Early Acces on August 18. It will be available for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store.