Rogue Legacy 2 Comes to Early Access in July

Rogue Legacy was a huge hit when it launched in 2013, and I spent a lot of time with the first game. Now, it looks like Cellar Door Games is coming back to steal my time because the new trailer for Rogue Legacy 2 is looking good.

The idea behind the series is that you, the player, will tackle a randomly generated castle that offers something new each time you enter it. What I loved is that every time you’d enter, it would be as a descendant of the last character you played as. Oh, and each character featured various traits. In one playthrough, you’d be hit with Gigantism while another descendant has glaucoma.

A new trailer out today confirms that Rogue Legacy 2 is coming to Steam Early Access in July. While the gameplay looks about the same, there are new weapons, new skills, and new traits. I’m eager to try out the new weapons as previously a sword was the only weapon available.

  will be coming to Steam and Epic Early Access on July 23, 2020.