Rogue Company Is a Hero-based Shooter, Here Is Some Gameplay

Developer First Watch Games has a new game in the works and today we get our first look at Rogue Company, a hero-based (think Overwatch) that is coming later this year!

Rogue Company is a top-secret syndicate of elite mercenaries around the globe. To most of the world, the elusive mercenaries are a rumour at best. However, to those in the know, Rogue Company operatives are indispensable to solving the world’s deadliest and most challenging missions. As a Rogue Company mercenary, players will grab their weapon of choice and dive into iconic locations to compete online in various PVP game modes.

In Rogue Company, the gameplay is third-person and offers several game modes to take on other players. In addition. Rogue Company will allow all platforms to play together via cross-play.

If you’re interested, Rogue Company is out later this summer on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC


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